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Intelligent skin analyser is a beautiful shape, simple use function overall skin test can correctly analyse moisture to the skin, oil share, pore, lines, and splash, cut in situation.Automatic save in the instrument, let the customer clear understanding of test results and using beauty products skin changes before and after real situations, and can use the real 3D reduction technology stereo 3D images on the skin, can be arbitrary Angle analysis observation, according to the test results to be automatic recommend your company corresponding products.Advance built~in your product material, testing use is a never tired need not to pay customers trust and the resident beauty guide and advertisement version. It is the first choice for Cosmetics company in beauty industry to promote the sales and extension guest.

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Skin Analyser has 5 main functions:

1. detected skin moisture, sebum, pore, wrinkle surface, keratin and so on.
2.detact the hair condition
2.analyze the skin in order to introduce the proper products to customer
3.Using to store the information of cusomers
4.eccellent appearance and detailed test results can attrative more customers and make them feel confident with your products.

Automatic skin touching all-in-one machine: is suitable for the shoppe of shopping mall,dermatology department of the hospital and large scale beauty salon etc. We have installed all necessary system and software. After receiving the product and starting the machine, the client can use it directly. Reinstallation is not needed. It’s very convenient.

I.Hardware of the tester

1.The tester is made in Guangzhou with the pixel of 2,000,000 and the resolution of 1280*1024. In other words, after taking a picture, if amplifying the picture in full screen, the picture hashigh definition and no mosaic. In addition, the color can be reproduced very well. In other words, original color of the image can be reproduced without any distortion. The image is grey or blue. The resolution of other types of equipment is 640*480; the shot image is a small picture and is very obscure. If amplifying the picture, there is mosaic and large chromatic aberration.

2.The multiplying factor of the tester can be adjusted freely from 10X-50X 200X,without exchanging lens. Besides inspecting the symptom on the epidermis, the tester has the function of polarizing. After adjusting the tester to polarizing, sensitive skin (redness, hypodermic spot, pigmentation, folliculitis and acne) can be inspected.

3.The tester has passed the American FCC Certification and CE Certification of European,Economic Community. Nowadays, it is the only skin tester having such certifications in China.

II.Software (analysis system)

A real system analyzing skin data

1.After taking a picture for the face, the system makes accurate data analysis immediately, including oil, moisture, pigment, pore, elasticity, and collagen fibers of skin. For example, “oil content of skin 19%”. And then, the tester may make a conclusion such as”the skin is oily”,and a dialogue box may pop up automatically to recommend oil balancing product (after using the product, the tester has an inspection for the skin again. The test data and result change can be showed, so as to make the client be confidence to the product and be willing to purchase the product). After finishing all analysis items, a skin test report may be concluded and can be printed.

2.The system has the strong functions in managing members, adding, storing, editing and deleting the materials of clients, reminding the birthdays of members and storing historical records of members.

3.The system data can be backed up and restored, so as not to lose materials when the computer halts.

4.Edit at background, exchange logo of the company and input products etc.

A complete set includes:

1.Touch PC

Configuration of PC:
1). Storage: 1G
2). Hard disk: 160G
3). Independent display card
4). Atom Dual Core Processor
5). All metal shell

2.Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Touch Screen of 17’inch (industrial screen, high definition, and stronger humidity and temperature durability than common family PC).

3.Touch pen.

4.Automatic analysis software; tester body made in Taiwan. The image can be amplified from 10 times to 200 times without exchanging lens.

5.Polarizing lens is adopted to test the epidermis and dermis.

6.Imported luxurious painted metal machine cabinet.

1. Easy operation.
2. Does not require a darkroom.
3. In built 4pcs 10W and 2pcs 6W lamps and inside install a photo scope.
4. 2X’s magnifying glass allows for complete illumination and observation of the clients face.
5. Internal exhaust fan allows for continuous use.


1. built-in host integral design and installation, touch screen operation, need not connected to the touch screen operation is easy and intuitive voice prompt without learning, which is open, ultralight design easy to carry.

2. appearance design USES specially developed for mould, high-grade beautiful, make your product image more elegant. Product appearance and user interface and voice prompt any modification, provide real OEM, let you have a special instrument, private customized product image with you more.

3. the use of the first can hang a wall, cosmetic line beauty apparatus enchased in exhibiting more save space image outstanding, without detection product advertising images, repeatedly release as your free advertising board.

4. can change the parameters based on the using condition testing results, let the customer manipulated more firmly believe product effect.

5. the instrument equipped with professional line and cosmetic line two working pattern, all the beauty industry are applicable.

6. response low carbon energy saving 25W ultra-low power consumption, 24 hours only 0 on. 4 yuan, save the cost.

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