CO2 Fractional Laser Portable – AB301

Use RF laser tube
Ultra, Single, Repeat pulse and CW. operation modes
Surgical laser (scanner) technology
Discrete scanning technology
Smart variable treatment graphics
Power-on self-test, automatic failure

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Technical Specification
1 Dot quantity | 1-400 dots at most
1 Condenser focus F=50mm
Scot size M n:0.lmm at the focus
1 Interval Between 2 Centers 0 1-2.5mm
Scanning Graphics Square, circle, triangle, hexagon and customization
1 Duration time 100us · 10ms(adjustable)
1 Treatment Size 1-20ms


1 Output Power 15W
| Wavelengths 10.6pm
| Not woight(scanner) 1660
Working mode Ultra Pules Technology
Focus length F=60mnV100nv»
Laser operation modes Ultra. Single. Repeat Pules & CW
Wavelengths 10.6mlcrons
Power to tissue Magic pules peak power 15W


Complete machine
Cooling system Bjfl-mar OOv Air Cooing
Aiming beam 3mW Diode
Beam delivery system 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
Working radius 160cm
Control system LCD touch screen, footswttcti
Warranty 1*»r
Electrical 230VAC/S0HZ or 120VAC/60Hz
Package dimensions Gross weight 7SxS5x58cm



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