CO2 Fractional Laser – AB300

Face lifting Skin tighten Pigment removal Freckle removal
Naevus removal etc...
Stretch marks removal
Use RF laser tube
Ultra, Single, Repeat pulse and CW. operation modes Surgical laser (scanner) technology Discrete scanning technology Smart variable treatment graphics
Power-on self-test, automatic failure alarm and diagnosis

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Display 10.4 inch Tft Color Touch Screen
Condenser focus F=50mm
Spot size Min:0.1mm at the focus
Interval Between 2 Centers 0.1-2.5mm
Scanning Graphics Square, circle,triangle, hexagon and customization
Duration time 100us – 10ms(adjustable)
Interval time 1-20ms
Treatment Size 20x20mm2(adjustable)
Output Power 30W
Wavelengths 10.6μ m
Working mode Ultra Pules Technology
Focus length F=50mm/100mm
Laser operation modes Ultra, Single, Repeat Pulse & CW
Smoke exhausting system Built-in air blow
Cooling system Air Cooling
Aiming beam 3mW Diode
Beam delivery system 7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm
Working radius 160cm
Control system LCD touch screen, footswitch
Electrical 230VAC/50Hz or 120VAC/60Hz

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