AFT SHR IPL Machine – AB-160C

1. 430nm - 950nm: acne treatment
2. 480nm - 950nm: varication / vascular removal
3. 530nm - 950nm: freckle removal
4. 570nm - 950nm: skin rejuvenation
5. 640nm - 950nm: permanent hair removal

Perfect OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) core technology , the use of three-dimensional technology concepts : energy + pulse + pulse waveform. OPT perfect pulse technology , the word may relatively unfamiliarto most people , in fact, OPT’s technology is mainly done in hardware at a great improvement, the core is able to precisely control each pulse , and the energy of each pulse cents no attenuation effect on our skin , but also because it will form a perfect pulse energy , eliminating the high-energy peak E light I PL first pulse -by- pulse energy sub- attenuation drawbacks of this technology , which so effective in the treatment of over- OPT has a special significance to improve the above , especially in the cream, hair removal , skin rejuvenation aspects . More improve skin texture with good narrow pores action is therefore a real sense of rejuvenation technique , more important is the greatly improved the safety of treatment, avoiding the kind IPL treatment of skin burns often occur over other side effects. Really makes the whole issue of energy pulse output steady uniform , full intelligent control oftware, set pulsed light skin rejuvenation, pigmented lesions , vascular therapy in one, once OPT therapy treatment equivalent to 2-3 times the conventional echnique . Sapphire cooling technology , which greatly improves the safety and effectiveness of treatment. This is the fourth generation of IPL technology after full breakthrough. OPT square wave technology that is perfectly controlled intense pulsed light technology , is the latest generation of pulse technology.

Advantage: OPT beauty instrument’s cosmetic whitening effect than the traditional instrument photorejuvenation , which is the upgraded version of the traditional E light beauty equipment, greatly enhance the effectiveness , performance, safety, is the most advanced cosmetic skin optics technology . And improved customer comfort, provides a comprehensive solution for the beauty salon.

Light Source Intense Pulsed Light E-Light IPL + AFT SHR
Screen 10.4 Inch True Color Touch Screen
Energy density IPL: 60J/cm2 / SHR: 25J/cm2
Pulse 1-6 Pulses
Pulse Interval 5-50ms
Pulse Duration 1-15ms
Pulse Delay 1000ms-3000ms
Pulse Repetition Rate 1-10hz
RF Energy 60J/cm2
Spot size 12*30mm Or 15*50mm
Cooling system Semiconductor Cooling + Water Circulation + Air Cooling
Input Power 3500W
Power AC220V/50HZ , AC110V/60HZ

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